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The Darkest Hour

Posted by Chadinator - October 29th, 2009

The Darkest Hour
by Chadinator

It was a lonely pale day in the town of Hellview. There was not even a soul out on these streets. "Hey, Louie, I think it's safe," said Cliff. He opened up the underground shelter to where he and his buddy Louie had been staying for over hours. As the boys jumped out of the shelter they noticed that the street was completely empty. It was dull, emotionless, and deserted.

"Oh my god" said Louie in amazement. Where the hell is everyone at Cliff? "I have no clue, Louie," said Cliff being traumatized. It was a sight the boys would picture in their minds, or better yet in their dreams.
"Let's start walking," insinuated Cliff." "Were bound to find someone in this neighborhood for help." As the boys walked for hours and hours on end, they cross an old small cemetery. The strange cemetery had three graves already dug out in them. The boys carelessly walked on by like it was nothing.

"This is so pointless," said Louie. "Is there any reason for us to be waking, Cliff? I mean, think about it; we have nothing to live for! All of our families, friends, and even our pets are all dead! We may as well be the last two living human beings in this town! The worst part about it is, we don't even know what the hell caused all this crap to happen!
"Calm down Louie, damn," said Cliff. "Quit freaking out all the time and complaining like a little girl!"

Louie's face boiled red and his eyes were deadly staring at Cliff. "That does it, damn it!" Louie screamed out. Louie ran over and tackled Cliff down to the ground and started laying punches on him. Cliff then started to fight back with punches of his own until there was a sound like a moan in the distance.
The boys both stopped fighting for a brief second and looked out and saw a shadow come charging at them. Both Cliff and Louie got up and prepared themselves.

"What the hell is that thing charging at us, Cliff?" said Louie. "I can't see, but it's running fast as hell!" said Cliff. Holy crap, it's coming right toward us!" The boys noticed that both of his arms were missing and he was drooling blood out his mouth very profusely. "That can't be what I think it is" said Cliff.

"Dude I can't freaking move!" said Louie.
Both the boys yelled and screamed at the same time for help. Then out of nowhere, as soon as the zombie reached the boys a foot away there was a loud shot from a distance. The boys both then got sprayed with blood, all over them and their clothes.
Then they looked up and noticed that the zombie had a point blank bullet hole in his head with blood spewing out. As quick as a hiccup, the body dropped like a sack of potatoes. Cliff was in shock looking at the blood all over him and Louie went on the other side to throw up. There was complete silence. The only thing you can could were the Methodist church bells going off.

All of a sudden a voice spoke out. "Hello, is there anyone out here?" The boys both looked at each other and ran straight toward the voice. "Oh God yes, please help us!" said Louie. As the boys reached him they knew straight off the bat that he was a scientist. A man with a complete white suit, nice black tie, funny looking glasses, nice swave back hair, and he looked to be in his mid 40s. The man was also caring with him a double-barreled shotgun. "Hey a boy, my name is Mort what's yours"? "I'm Cliff, and this is my friend Louie. "Just let me say, what the hell are you boys doing out in the open like morons anyway" said Mort. "You must have thick heads, don't ya?"

"Why don't you shut the hell up and tell us what's going on" said Louie. "Alright, but you piss me off, my God I'll leave you both to rot on these streets," said Mort. Ok, well it all started when I was in my lab working on an important project. I was trying to see if I could test out some dead bodies to see if I can actually bring the dead back to life. I didn't know what force I would be messing with. So I grab three dead corpses and I buried them in a forbidden Indian burial ground, as you know, a test. So I waited for a while and all of a sudden all three hands pop out of the graves that I buried the bodies in. I was in amazement, I couldn't speak at all. I thought I would be rich, famous, and I would be recognized as one of the greatest scientists in the world. Then the so-called zombies over powered me and escaped onto the streets of Hellview." "So what I need you two boys to do is help me search for the last two zombies around here so that they stop bringing chaos to this town."

"Are you crazy?" Louie replied. They already have brung chaos to this town. It's too late, old man; we might as well all die! You fail as a scientist and as a human being! "I know man, you got to admit what you did has doomed us all" said Cliff. "Fine then," said Mort. "I hope the both of you don't find a way out of this mess and get eaten alive!" As Mort turned away to the boys, his head instantly got jumped on by a zombie. The zombie then took a huge bite into his head. He ripped the flesh right off of his head. The only thing now you can see is Mort's whole brain exposed. Before the zombie was even done devouring Mort, the boys headed to an old tool shed and grabbed a power drill and a power saw. The boys then quickly ran back to the spot as Louie spears the power drill right into the zombie's head and starts drilling away into his head. While that's happening, Cliff is sawing away right through his head in some sort of sick combo. As soon as you would know it, the head gets cut off and is spinning on Louie's power drill. Louie simply pulls the head right off the tip of his drill and wipes the blood away.

"That was awesome wasn't it, Cliff...Cliff"? As soon as Louie looked to his right a zombie was already biting into Cliff's arm. Cliff then screamed and swore as loud as he could. Cliff then dropped his saw and landed down to the floor. "You bastard, you are so dead!" yelled Louie. Louie ran over and tackled the zombie as hard as he could. He then grabbed his power drill and started to stab the zombie repeatedly in the face with it. Over and over without any hesitation. He noticed every time he would puncture the zombie's face his blood would spurt up into his face. Then suddenly, he stopped and the zombie was motionless and breathless. As soon as that was done and over with Louie motioned to Cliff.

"Cliff, man are you ok?" said Louie. "I'm going to become one of them," said Cliff. Please Louie; I need you to do me a favor man. What I need you to do is grab Mort's shotgun, point the gun to my head, and pull the trigger. "No I can't, I won't kill my best friend" said Louie. "If you don't, then I'll just turn into one of them and try to kill you". You need to do this; it's the right thing to do man. While Louie started to sob, Cliff dragged himself over to the lifeless body of Mort and grabbed his shotgun. Cliff then handed the shotgun to Louie and took position. Cliff was on both of his knees, both arms around his back, and tilted his head up and looked at Louie. When Louie pointed the gun straight to Cliff's head, his fingers shook on the trigger. Cliff then said "Hey, see you on the other side man". A teardrop came from Louie's eyes as he pulled the trigger and looked away. Louie then saw his best friend lying in a heap of blood and broke down on to the floor. While on the floor he put his hands over his mouth and then over his eyes. He couldn't believe what he did. Then with his other hand grabbed the same shotgun he killed his best friend with. Louie put it straight to his head. Then he pulled the trigger, there was dead silence.

The Darkest Hour

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I can see you didn't apply my edits to the ending.


I was trying to tell you in class that I just did most of your edits until the ending! Fuck it though!