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An issue I have with AMC's Fearfest

2009-10-15 02:36:54 by Chadinator

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Mostly I watch Fearfest on AMC every year, but the one thing that sucks is that they wait until at least the 20th or the 21st of October to play the marathon. That's bullshit, it should start at the 1st - the 31st of October and that's that! Also I noticed that they play the same movies year after year. How about they show more variety such as: The Evil Dead series, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Prom Night, Suspiria, etc. It's good that there showing the most popular movies,but give most of the other ones a chance too. It's only a matter of opinion.

An issue I have with AMC's Fearfest


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2009-10-15 03:14:17

i heard a movie called the hills run red is in the festival