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Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue Review

2009-10-10 20:39:24 by Chadinator

1. All Secrets Known 9/10 - Sounds like the old 90s Alice In Chains, which is badass!

2. Check My Brain 8/10 - Another awesome song.

3. Last Of My Kind 9.5/10 - The guitar riffs kill in this song!

4. Your Decision 10/10 - Chords are flawless!

5. A Looking In View 8.5/10 - Pretty fucking heavy song! Longest song on the track.

6. When The Sun Rose Again 7.5/10 - Crazy ass song, but I like it.

7. Acid Bubble 10/10 - I love the lyrics! (Alone inside your mind).

8. Lesson Learned 8/10 - This song reminds me of a few of the songs on Dirt.

9. Take Her Out 9.5/10 - I'm Fucking speechless!

10. Private Hell 10/10 - Very sad song, but fucking rocks so hard!

11. Black Gives Way To Blue 9.5/10 - Perfect song to end a perfect album.

Favorite Songs: All Secrets Known, Your Decision, Acid Bubble, Private Hell.

Overall: 9/10 - There was not one song that I didn't like. I was blown away so much by this whole album! All I have to say is Layne would be so proud.

Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue Review


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